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Enrolment for 
School Readiness Programme

At Headstart Academy, our commitment lies in providing a comprehensive School Readiness Programme tailored to support children and teenagers dealing with learning difficulties. Our focus is on nurturing foundational skills like reading, writing, communication, and mathematics, equipping them for success in a mainstream educational environment. We prioritize the development of language and socialization skills, ensuring comfort with classroom routines and group instructions. Our specialized curriculum emphasizes the enhancement of reading, math, and writing skills, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience. Learn more about how our School Readiness Programme caters to individual needs and schedule a tour of our facility to witness our approach firsthand.

"I want to know more, maybe take a private tour and would love to speak with the programme specialist to secure my child's seat at this premier, award-winning school" you say? Now is your chance!
Shah Alam +6012-8855572


  • What is Headstart Academy?
    We're a center that helps children with special needs and learning difficulties.
  • What services do you offer for special needs children?
    We provide Early Intervention Programs (EIP), Therapy services (Speech Therapy, Positive Behavior Intervention Support & Occupational Therapy), School Readiness Programs, and Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA).
  • Can I tour your academy?
    Absolutely! Visit us on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Leave your contact number for us to arrange the visit.
  • Do you offer transportation for sessions?
    Currently, we do not provide transportation.
  • Do you have programs for financially challenged individuals?
    Unfortunately, we do not have such programs.
  • Can gadgets cause autism?
    No, but excessive gadget use can affect speech and play skills. Visit us for more information!
  • Is a doctor's visit necessary before coming to your center?
    Preferably, a developmental pediatrician's visit is best for diagnosis. Our assessment is also sufficient.
  • Are visits possible on weekends?
    We're closed only on Sundays. Our parent liaison is available Monday to Friday. Weekdays are best for visits.
  • Do you have a branch in Johor?
    We're currently only in Klang Valley. Let us know when you're around for a tour!
  • Can you recommend schools for a 13-year-old non-verbal autistic child?
    Consider PPKI, international schools, or Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy at Early Autism Project Malaysia (EAP). Visit Kiddie123 website for options too.
  • Are there schools specifically for teenagers with Autism?
    Try contacting EAP Malaysia or explore options on Kiddie123 website for specialized education institutes.
  • What is the Early Intervention Programme (EIP)?
    EIP is individually tailored for 3-7-year-old children with developmental delays. It focuses on meeting their developmental milestones through personalized therapy
  • What details can you share about the Early Intervention Programme (EIP) and its costs?
    For comprehensive information and updated fee structures, our parent liaison will guide you through. Please share your contact number for our team to assist you better
  • What does the School Readiness Programme involve?
    This program supports children with learning difficulties in foundational areas like reading, writing, and communication to prepare them for mainstream education.
  • Do you offer trial classes for EIP?
    No, but we have an Immersion Program (Orientation Week, 3 weeks) before starting the EIP.
  • Can you explain school observation services?
    Our therapists visit your child’s school, observe them in class, speak to teachers, and provide observation reports and recommendations to parents.
  • How much for EIP enrollment for a 3-year-old with mild autism?
    Come for a tour, and we'll explain the EIP process thoroughly.
  • What are the costs for Speech Therapy sessions?
    Individual sessions cost RM200 per hour or RM180 for 45 minutes. Leave your contact number if you'd like us to reach out in the future.
  • How much do Therapy sessions cost?
    The cost varies for different sessions. Leave your contact number for more personalized information.
  • Do you offer group therapy sessions?
    No, we do not provide group therapy.
  • Do you have outdoor activities for children with mild autism?
    Yes, we offer Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) like Gymnastics, Art & Craft, and Playgroup lessons for children to explore strengths and make friends.
  • Do you have package deals for Therapy sessions?
    Yes, we offer a 10+1 package—buy 10 sessions and get 1 free. You can mix PBIS & OT sessions, but Speech Therapy cannot be mixed due to different fee structures.
  • Do you provide potty training?
    Yes, for children below 6 years old, our therapists manage toileting. For older children, we appreciate parent or caretaker involvement for their safety.
  • Are there classes for non-verbal children with Global Developmental Delay (GDD)?
    Yes, we offer Speech Therapy & Occupational Therapy. An assessment will determine the learning plan.
  • Do you offer home visits for therapy sessions?
    Under the EIP program, we conduct house visits for observation purposes only. Therapy sessions happen at the academy.
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