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External Photographers & Videographers Guidelines at Headstart Academy

Permission: External parties must obtain written consent from the school administration before taking any photos or videos on the premises.


Photos and videos should only be taken for specific, pre-approved purposes, such as official events, fundraisers, or promotional materials related to Headstart Academy.


Focus on Staff and Environment

When capturing visuals, focus should be on staff members and the school environment, ensuring no students are identifiable in the background or foreground.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Respecting the privacy of students is crucial. Do not capture or share any personal information or sensitive details that could identify the students.

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No Student Images

External parties are strictly prohibited from taking direct photos or videos of any students. Focus should solely be on other elements of the school environment.

No Identifiable Students in Background

Even when capturing staff and environment visuals, make sure no students are identifiable in the background or unintentionally captured.

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No Student Information

Ensure no student names or any other personal information are disclosed or mentioned in the visuals or accompanying descriptions.

No Social Media Tagging

If external parties post visuals taken at the school on social media or any public platforms, they must refrain from tagging or mentioning any students, or the parents. 

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Respect Classroom Privacy

Some classrooms may have students' photos on the walls for educational purposes. External parties must avoid capturing or sharing these images as well.

Professional Conduct

Photographers and videographers should conduct themselves professionally while on the school premises, adhering to all school policies and guidelines.

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