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Meet Our Team


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Khairul Razman Ramly

Founder | CEO

Khairul is a father of three wonderful children. His youngest son, Ayden, was diagnosed with severe Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2012. Focused on improving Ayden’s quality of life, Khairul made the decision to quit his job in the oil & gas industry and founded Headstart.

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Akma Ismail

Managing Director

With 15 years of experience in Business Development, Account Management, Operations, and Strategic Partnerships in the Hospitality, Wellness, and Healthcare Industries, she brings a wealth of expertise. At Headstart, she develops and executes the company's business strategies, driving revenue and profit performance aligned with sustainable organizational objectives and goals.

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Siew Lee Tan

Academy Director

Siew Lee holds a Master's in Clinical Psychology and Mental Health and brings diverse experience from hospital clinics and ABA therapy. At Headstart, she designs personalized behavior intervention programs and conducts one-on-one therapy, fostering collaborative care for every child's specific needs.

Centre Managers

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Reny Raihana Kamaruzzaman

Centre Manager | Shah Alam


Izwain Zaid

Centre Manager | TTDI

Farah Senior Executive Operation Backgro

Farah Anis Mohd Rafi

Centre Manager | Ampang

Your Reliable



Ellie Han Yung Lin

Clinical Psychologist 

(Pediatric and Adolescent)

Ellie, PhD in Psychology a highly skilled Clinical Psychologist specializing in Pediatric and Adolescent care. Ellie's expertise lies in addressing challenges related to ASD, ADHD, and speech & social communication delay, employing a diverse range of therapeutic approaches, including CBT, Existentialism, Psychoanalytic, and Expressive Arts. With an extensive background as the Clinical Director since 2017, Ellie has also contributed as an Industry Expert Panel at the Faculty of Psychology, Taylor’s University, and assumed the role of Part-time Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Education, Taylor's University. Her commitment to personalized and compassionate psychological support makes Ellie a trusted ally for those seeking transformative journeys.


Sofia Vijayakumar 


Child Psychologist

Sofia, with an MSc. in Applied Child Psychology from the UK and a Bachelor's in Psychology, is skilled in children's overall developmental wellbeing. 

She brings experience from a special needs center, and was a part time lecturer in the School of Education at Segi College Penang, before fully pursuing her true interest in a more clinical-based environment at a private hospital in Penang.  

She is experienced in areas such as social and emotional difficulties, developmental disorders, learning difficulties, behavioural difficulties and school aversion, among others. These commonly include ASD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Speech and Social communication difficulties. 

As a Consultant Child Psychologist, she ensures that there isn't an over-diagnosis of difficulties when not required, and that each child is provided the appropriate support regardless of concern. 

Having been in several settings, she has gained vast knowledge and experience from theories to application, and what truly works in the real world for families today. Sofia uses a range of child-centered play therapy approaches and tools to build a trusting relationship with the child, ensuring effective outcomes.

She believes this is crucial in engaging and empowering children and parents who have different needs and emphasizes sufficient parental support and involvement for effective outcomes.

Shah Alam


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Mardhiyah Amiruddin

Principal Behavioural Therapist

Mardhi holds a Master's in Developmental Psychopathology and a Bachelor's in Psychology. With extensive experience in ABA therapy for Autism and management roles at a sensory-based gym, she excels in tailored behavior programs and one-on-one therapy at Headstart, collaborating across disciplines for holistic child care.

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Fatin Zuhairmy Jupri

Occupational Therapist

Fatin Zuhairmy, a UiTM Occupational Therapy graduate, specializes in pediatric care, bringing eight years of experience in private practice since 2015. With a focus on empowering children, she prioritizes parental involvement to surpass developmental milestones within the Headstart team.


Abdul Rahman

Occupational Therapist

Rahimah, a UiTM Occupational Therapy graduate, specialized in early intervention, focusing on Reflex Integration & Sensory-Based Therapy. She values individualized programs, prioritizing foundational development and family involvement for children's holistic growth.

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Aishah David

Speech-Language Therapist

Aishah, holding a Speech Science degree from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, brings 8 years of pediatric clinical experience, focusing on conditions like ASD and developmental disorders. Working with children aged 2 to 12, she emphasizes fun in therapy and encourages families to continue therapeutic skills at home for maximum potential.

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Syahzanani Sahril

Speech-Language Therapist

Meet Syahzanani Aqmar Binti Sahril, a Speech Therapist with a BSc in Speech Science from UKM (graduated in 2022). With 1 year of experience as an interventionist, Syahzanani has worked at intervention centers in Cheras and Bukit Jalil. Her clinical practice includes stints at Klinik Sains Pertuturan UKM and government hospitals, showcasing her dedication to the field.

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Aliah Ali

Occupational Therapist

Aliah brings over two years of expertise in neurodevelopmental interventions and Ayres Sensory Integration. Specializing in Autism, ADHD, and more, she aids children's holistic development. Her evidence-based approach supports both children and caregivers, ensuring comprehensive care.

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Wahida Dayana Mohd Ramli

Head Teacher

Wahida, our Head Teacher, holds a Psychology (Hons) degree from UPSI and boasts 7 years as an interventionist. With 3 years' prior expertise at a Johor Bahru special needs center, she's been driving Headstart's initiatives since 2019.

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Abdul Lani

Special Education Teacher

Najiha, our Special Education Teacher, holds a degree in Music Education and has 3 years of interventionist experience. With 5 years devoted to teaching, including extensive work in special needs, she's a dedicated asset to our team.

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Abdul Rahman

Special Education Teacher

Nizam holds a Bachelor's in Anthropology & Sociology from UKM. With 6 years as an interventionist, including roles at Makmal Pembelajaran Autisme for 2 years and WQ Park Health & Rehabilitation Centre for 6 months, his diverse experience enhances our special education efforts.

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Izzaturrahman Azizurrahman

Special Education

Assistant Teacher

Izzaturrahman holds a degree in Psychology and a diploma in Special Needs with over 10 years of interventionist expertise. With a rich background as Head Special Education and Special Education Teacher, his experience enriches our team.

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Wan 'Alya
Wan Khairuddin

Special Education

Assistant Teacher

'Alya holds a Bachelor's in English Language and Literature with a focus on Linguistics. With less than a year's interventionist experience, she's eager to contribute her knowledge to our special education team.

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Ain Safraa
Abd Nasir

Special Education

Assistant Teacher

Ain Safraa is pursuing a Master's in Education Management and holds over a year's experience as an interventionist. With a year in teaching and a passion for special needs education, she contributes uniquely to our team.



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Wan Zakiah Wan Hamka

Occupational Therapist

Wan, an Occupational Therapist with over 6 years' experience, worked across diverse settings including government hospitals, community-based rehabilitation centers, and special needs schools. Her expertise spans multiple environments, fostering tailored interventions for individuals in need.


Fazliza Zulkifli

Behavioural Therapist

Fazliza holds a Bachelor of Human Sciences in Psychology. With 4 years of interventionist experience, she has worked in various settings, including a Montessori Playschool, Special Needs Centre, and an ABA Centre in KL, specializing in the special needs field.

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Fatin Syatirah
Fakrul Razi

Speech-Language Therapist

Fatin Syatirah Binti Fakrul Razi, a dedicated Speech-Language Pathologist with First Class Honours, specializes in tailored assessments and interventions for pediatric speech disorders, including ASD and ADHD. With two years of clinical expertise, she passionately empowers families and enhances the lives of children with special needs.


Mohd Shafie



Nawal started practicing as a Speech-Language Therapist in 2014. 

Bac of Health Science (Hons) Speech Pathology (USM)

A member of the Malaysian Association of Speech-Language & Hearing (MASH).

Her experience ranges from managing the adult and pediatric patients who are struggling with speech, language, voice and swallowing disorders in both the hospital and centre based settings.

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Bernice Gomez

Head Teacher

Bernice Gomez holds a BSc (Hons) in Psychology with over 10 years of interventionist experience. She has worked extensively in special needs centers in PJ and as a freelance remedial teacher, honing her skills in supporting diverse needs.

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Nurfhara Adila Nordin

Special Education Teacher

Nurfhara, a Special Needs Education Teacher, holds an Honors Bachelor's in Psychology. With 3.5 years of interventionist experience, she previously worked at Alrite Autism Center, honing her skills in the special needs field.

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Nursyahidatul Syahira Mazlan

Special Education

Assistant Teacher

Syahira Mazlan is pursuing a Master in Clinical Psychology & holds a Bachelor's in Psychology with 2 years of interventionist experience. Her background includes specialized training in supporting individuals with diverse needs.

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Fatin Aqilah 
Mohd Anuar

Special Education Assistant Teacher

Fatin Aqilah Mohd Anuar holds a BSc (Hons) in Psychology with 1.5 years of interventionist experience. She interned at Ideas Autism Centre Rawang and worked as a Preschool Teacher at Little Daie, gaining valuable exposure in the special needs field.

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Nuha Marzuki

Speech-Language Therapist

Introducing Nuha, a passionate speech and language therapist committed to empowering young ones to unleash their superpower of communication. With experience since 2021, she has specialised in working closely with children with ASD, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Hearing Loss, as well as language and social communication difficulties. Nuha firmly advocates for a collaborative approach, recognizing that the combined efforts of therapists, parents and other professionals are essential for an effective intervention. Above all, she truly believes that a child thrives in an environment where learning is made fun!



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Afini Dini

Behaviour Therapist

Afini holds a BA in Psychology from The University of Queensland with 7 years of interventionist experience. Certified as an RBT in 2018, she's actively pursuing QASP-S certification by QABA. Afini has supervised special educator teams, provided extensive training, consultation to families, and served as a personal learning assistant in international schools for small children and teenagers, collaborating closely with diverse professionals.

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Aida Kamaruddin

Occupational Therapist

Aida, an Occupational Therapist with a Bachelor's from UiTM Puncak Alam, holds 5 years and 5 months of interventionist experience. She has worked extensively in hospital and private center settings, focusing on ASD, ADHD, GDD, CP, DS, learning difficulties, and various neurological cases. Siti conducted regular group therapy sessions as part of her comprehensive work.

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Liana Zahari

Speech-Language Therapist

Meet Liana, a versatile Speech-Language Therapist with a diverse educational background. Armed with a Diploma in Physiotherapy and a Bachelor's in Health Sciences from USM, she has been actively engaged as a speech therapist since 2021. Liana’s journey from a physiotherapist to an EIP teacher reflects her adaptability and commitment to holistic well-being. Her dynamic background and passion for supporting individuals with special needs make her a dedicated and empathetic professional.

Ummu Locum ST (1)_edited.png

Ummu Aimann



Meet Ummu Aimann, a dedicated Speech-Language Therapist focused on effective communication for children. Specializing in cases like Speech and Language Delay, Developmental Language Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Stuttering, Ummu collaborates with parents to create supportive environments that nurture children's development and confidence.

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Nazirah Amin

Special Education Teacher

Nazirah, a Special Education Teacher with a Bachelor's in Psychology, possesses over 5 years of interventionist experience. She worked for more than 2 years at Showmekids School Sdn Bhd and for 3 years at WQ Park Health and Rehabilitation Center, demonstrating expertise in special needs education and rehabilitation.

Ismira SEAT_edited.png

Ismira Ismail

Special Education

Assistant Teacher

Ismira holds a degree in Child and Family Psychology and is currently pursuing a Master's in Educational Psychology. With over a year's experience as an interventionist, she's passionate in supporting special needs education, and contributing to our team through her creative and innovative thinking.

Extra-Curricular Activities


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Low Pek Har


Pek Har graduated from the University of Malaya with a Bachelor's Degree in Sports Science and obtained a Diploma in Early Childhood Education from Dika College. She is also certified as an Autism Exercise Specialist by the American College of Sports Medicine.

With extensive experience in gymnastics coaching and physical education, Pek Har designs and tailors exercise programs for all children, including those with special needs.


J8 Autism Athletics


J8 Autism Athletics promotes neurodiverse integration via sports like football, basketball, badminton, and cycling. Our certified coaches, with over 10 years' experience, specialize in working with individuals on the spectrum aged 3-30, equipped with Autism Fitness, NASM, and FAM Grassroots certifications.

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